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AKKA Karate Instructor Katrina Thibault

Katrina Thibault

Head Instructor. Owner.

5th degree black belt.

Has been studying the AKKA system for over 26 years.

Studied for 14 years under Grand Master Bill Packer.

11 years and still counting under Master Bruce Davis in Albuquerque NM.

Fought competitively as a member of the AKKA amateur Kickboxing team, under Grand Master Bill Packer for over six years.

Continues to train and study in AKKA, kickboxing, MMA, grappling and weapons training.

"It is truly a blessing to be able to train in and teach the martial arts, especially through the AKKA Organization. I respect and uphold, to best of my ability, the traditional values, self-defense goals and personal growth and integrity that the Martial Arts and the AKKA Organization are based on."

AKKA Karate Instructor Wayne Thibault

Wayne Thibault

Head instructor. Owner.

2nd degree black belt.

Over 27 years of Law enforcement experience in Tucson Az.

Continues to train in Kenpo Karate, kickboxing, MMA, grappling and weapons training.

Has extensive experience in fitness training.