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AKKA Karate Classes

We are a Martial Arts school that is focused on working with our students on their own distinctive journey of learning life-long, self-defense skills. Here, you will find several classes uniquely designed for each age group and training level.

If you cannot find a class that fits into your time schedule, please call, we also offer Private lessons.

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Lil’ Dragons Programs

Our Lil’ Dragons programs offer amazing structure and support to aid in balance, coordination, focus, concentration, team skills and memorization. Through the martial arts training and the attention to the values of honesty, courtesy, respect and discipline, our 4 – 6 year old students learn about self – control and self – respect.

Junior / Youth program

Our Junior program is a wonderfully structured class that includes the self-defense training, anti-bullying and self-control from our Kenpo program as well as discipline in the areas of respect, honor, loyalty and trust. Our juniors learn to work as a team while also building their self-esteem and confidence

Adult programs

Our Adult programs are based on the American Kenpo martial arts and self-defense system. Our classes include workout and stretching, hand-to-hand techniques, striking skills, joint locks, takedowns, katas, forms and weapons. Whether for the “street” safety or for competition, this class has it all!


Our kickboxing class is a full contact, full performance, self-defense training program. It includes the application of competitive kickboxing and is an intense and satisfying program of striking and kick drills and skills.